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Brunch Club (noun)

- a cozy neighborhood café and news stand. A place to relax, and have a pleasant meal any time of day.

brunch: a blend of breakfast & lunch
club: a group of people having something in common

“To be fashionable nowadays we must ‘brunch’.” [“Punch,” Aug. 1, 1896]

brunch clubber: (noun) def. a person who frequents brunch clubs, supports fair trade, generally relaxed, chilled-out and happy

  • Welcome to the brunch club Hong Kong on Peel Street SOHO & Causeway Bay

  • Fantastic coffees from professional baristas

  • Delicious brunches & suppers, yummy homemade breads & desserts,

  • Fresh juices, smoothies, wines & cocktails

  • free wifi

  • friendly, relaxed, genuine service

  • outdoor garden in Central

  • Tailor made menus for events

Our Coffee 


Classic Noir is one of the darkest roast blend in Classic Series, offered by Urban Coffee Roaster. It is a blend composed of Brazilian and Columbian Arabica Coffee, which is freshly roasted to full city roast level in Hong Kong. It has a dark chocolate tone with a hint of vanilla and caramel. Also, it has a round and smooth body, which goes well with Milk.

Loyalty Card


- Become a brunch clubber by signing up for our reward card at any Brunch Club outlet. All you have to do is provide us with your email address!

- Every spend of $50 entitles the holder to one stamp.
- Every 20 stamps get $100 off your next bill

- Members will be enrolled for special gifts, privilege and promotion.

- Terms &conditions apply

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