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Get to Know Us

“Good food and good company are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasure”


Established on summer of 2006, Brunch club has always been about sharing love and passion of people that believe in quality food and great friendly environment.

If you have been to one of our restaurants, you’ve experienced and tasted – what keeps all Brunch Clubbers coming back for more. Friendly staff, home feeling, delicious foods with freshly baked artisanal breads from our own “Marie’s bakery” served with varieties of gourmet coffees and freshly squeezed juices makes us hard to resist.


I have worked in this industry all my life and at Brunch Club I intent to serve quality food at great value in a friendly environment. Each day I thrive on sharing love and happiness with my beloved customer and coworkers.

“Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you – Karma”

Lama Rewa – MD & Owner of Brunch Club


Every Ingredient Matters

We carefully select our ingredients to ensure they are not only delicious but also have a positive impact on your health and the environment. From organic eggs to locally sourced fruits and vegetables, every bite you take at Brunch Club has an impact.

Healthy and Safe Food

At Brunch Club, your health and safety are our top priority. That's why we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients and follow strict hygiene and safety protocols. You can trust us to provide you with healthy and safe food.

The Power of Brunching

At Brunch Club, we believe that brunching is not just about having a meal, it's about creating memories. That's why we offer a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where you can relax, have a glass of wine, and enjoy quality food and beverages with your loved ones. Join us and discover the power of brunching!

The Best Brunch in Town

Brunch Club is not just a cafe, it's a community. We believe that brunching is a way of life, and we are committed to providing you with the best brunch experience in town. From our delicious food to our warm and welcoming atmosphere, everything at Brunch Club is designed to make you feel at home. So come join us and become a part of our brunching family!

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