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* Welcome to the brunch club Hong Kong on
Peel Street SOHO & Causeway Bay
* Delicious brunches & suppers, yummy homemade breads & desserts & affordable "everyday-drinking" wines
* lots & lots of magazines & newspapers
for sale
* organic, fair trade coffee & teas
* free wifi
* friendly, relaxed, genuine service
* outdoor garden
* check out our blog
Fair trade produce is extremely expensive and these higher costs end up being borne by the consumer.
At brunch club, we really believe in fair trade and want to promote it. We absorb the higher cost of our fair trade & organic items so they are comparable with those of other commercial cafes. All our coffee beans are of exceptional quality, freshly roasted in Hong Kong and are Transfair USA certified organic & fair trade (except decaf). Our teas in Causeway Bay are organic & fair trade as well.

Why fair trade?
The simple answer is, many farmers are forced to sell their crops for an artificially low price set by middlemen, who make huge margins from this trade. As a result of this exploitation, many farming families live below the poverty line.

So given a choice, we prefer to sell fair trade products whenever we can and would also like to see more fair trade products being available in the market.